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Price for 1 minute


Photography / Video


Per Week

Monthly Shoot

30-45 Photos

1 Video Vignette

Video Vignette is 15-30 second highlight video

Self Managed Distribution

6 Month Contract 


Content Management


Per Week

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Add Linked-In or TikTok for

$50 Per Week

21 Instagram ppm

21 Facebook ppm

Marketing Calendar Setup

6 Month Contract


Includes Create &

Distribute Plans


Per Week

Monthly Shoot

45-60 Photos

2 Video Vignettes

Marketing Roadmap &

Calendar Setup

28 Instagram ppm

28 Facebook ppm

Linked-In or TikTok extra

Monthly Reporting

6 or 12 Month Contract

Most Popular

Let’s face it, keeping up with daily social media updates is becoming increasingly challenging with your busy schedule.  


You know that social media (and all online marketing) is the new playing field to foster business relationships and ultimately generate your business leads.   You know you have to be constantly engaging or you look stagnant.  You also know you don’t have that kind of time.

We handle everything from building a focused and meaningful media distribution calendar to social marketing directives; to going to you and capturing all the visual content you need to completely dominate your social space.

Are you feeling constantly unimpressed with what you have to post about?  Do you feel like nobody is listening?

We shoot the content that impresses, and you focus on building your brand following.

To say we are business coaches, or marketers, or visual artists, or production company, or teachers is essentially true; but when an agency is as different as we are it is hard to actually label what we do.

We are essentially your entire online marketing team, but remotely located and without the headaches of employee management and education. 

Say it with me, “I am ready to make social marketing work for my business.”  That’s all it takes to be that much closer to leading your market with the best quality original content imaginable!

We have marketing plans to suit three different types of business needs.

  1. If you have the staff resources available to post online and track results yourself, you will benefit greatly from our monthly or bi-weekly content creation programs. (Captive)
  2. If you want guidance and direction, as well as someone to put all the engaging content you already create; into a formulated and direct content calendar, we are here.  We post and manage your own content on your social channels, and deliver reporting and analytics to progress.  (Distribute)
  3. If you want us to handle it all for you,  for far less than the cost of a part-time employee, you will be pleasantly surprised with our full-service content creation and management programs.  We intensively curate and strategically post on all your social channels.   (Produce & Dominate)


Our content creation formula involves a proprietary ratio of capturing artistic images of your products, people, details, and lifestyle.  Video vignettes of techniques, practices, and lifestyle, as well as wide angle property shots, drone shots (Produce & Dominate Clients), 360º VR photos of interior and exterior (Produce & Dominate Clients), and lifestyle action photos of your daily operations.  Other creation we regularly produce, is getting to know the team members interviews, scanning of historical images for reposting, full-length company introduction videos.


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