Individual Client Headshots

Headshots - ideal for using on social media, for actors, corporate websites, inter office mail, and avatars. These sessions are shot from the shoulders up, normally on a grey, white or black background and produce a clean, modern image. Can be environmental as well (with office space or life scenery behind heads)

The Session

Headshot photo sessions are designed to be fun and easy. As we shoot, we'll review the images together and by the end of the session you'll have a selection of favorites to choose from for your final image. Extra images can be purchased for a reduced fee, but most sessions only include one retouched photo.

Hair and Makeup
Having your hair and makeup professionally done are the icing on a good headshot cake. We can arrange for professional makeup to accompany us to your shoot. Our abbreviated headshot sessions do not include makeup. We recommend having your hair professionally done somewhere you're familiar and comfortable with.

The typical turnaround time is between 36-48 hours and sometimes same day (M-TH).


Group, Team & Corp Headshots

Groups, Teams and Corporate Pricing
We offer customized packages for groups, teams, and companies. Call or email us  for a quote. Fee system is based on the number of people being photographed in one location at one setup. Typically favoring discounts to higher volume clients.

 The Session

Large quantity photo sessions are designed to be fun fast and easy. We set up at your location, (often in a conference room or large hallway). We shoot quickly and in rapid succession, we'll review the several images together. Each person will shoot for approx 5-7 poses and spend a few minutes picking their favorite photo for us to retouch. Usually, ask to let your team sign up for time slots usually 6 per half hour or 3 per 15 minutes.


The typical turnaround time is between 48-72 hours and sometimes same day (M-TH).

Convention Meeting Headshots

Conference, Convention, Annual Meeting
We also offer a'la carte headshot setups (with low minimum fee) for your team, or attendees to shoot and purchase sessions throughout your event in a walk up, first come first serve basis.

 The Session

Somewhere in moderate traffic location of the venue we set up for quick step in and shoot sessions. This is a great light and simple way to get many of your team in front of the camera with minimal scheduling etc. Images are reviewed after the series and one is selected for editing and retouching. They can pay on the spot or your company can be billed for each one.

The typical turnaround time is between 48-72 hours and sometimes same day (M-TH).


Photos are YOURS to Share and Print

After you've selected your final image, they'll be retouched and you will receive high-resolution digital files and unlimited licensing for the images. This means you can use them for printing, posting online and sharing with family and friends - anytime. If there are other photos you like as well, they are available to be retouched and edited as well for a reduced price.



Comfortable, confident clothing always wins. Avoid busy patterns and stripes if at all possible. Choose colors that accentuate your skin tone and think of layering your clothing. Bring a few options and don't limit yourself seasonally.
Flood Headshots

Set Up your shoot today...

Contact us early in your planning process to make sure we have availability in the city you are looking for, and at a time you are looking to work around.

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